Knorr Blazin 2x Spicy Noodles | Knorr Blazin Price, Calories And Review

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Knorr Blazin 2x Spicy Noodles | Knorr Blazin Price, Calories And Review

Hi Friends, today’s article is all about Knorr blazin 2x spicy noodles. I will talk about its weight, price, calories, review and nutritional information in detail. This new flavor of knorr noodles is extremely spicy as per the brand claims. But, in this article, you will learn how to make blazin noodles and will let you know about its review. First of all, do read how to make these instant knorr noodles at home.

Knorr 2X Spicy Blazin Noodles Review | Knorr Noodles
Knorr 2X Spicy Blazin Noodles Review | Knorr Noodles


  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 packet of Knorr 2x spicy blazin noodles


  • Take a sauce pan or a wok and add water in it. Now, wait for a while until the water starts boiling. At this stage, first add knorr blazin taste maker sachet and mix it well in water, then add 2 blocks of knorr blazin in boiling water.
  • Let the noodles cook for 2 minutes and then mix them well. After mixing the noodles, cook them for more 3 to 4 minutes until all the water present in noodles dries up. Serve them hot.


If you like soupy noodles then instead of 3 add 4 cups of water.

Furthermore, the brand claims that these are 2 minutes noodles which isn’t true because these noodles will take 5 to 6 minutes to get ready.

Weight: 132gm

Price: Rs. 125/-

Calories in Knorr 2x Spicy Blazin Noodles:

Around 620 Calories in full pack of blazin noodles

Nutritional Information:

Per Serving: 66.75gm

Typical Values        Per 100g       Per Serving     %GDA Per Serve

  1. Energy (kcal)                464                 310                         15%
  2. Protein (g)                   11.4                 7.6
  3. Carbohydrates (g)       58.8                39.2
  4. Total Sugar (g)             1.0                  0.7                          1%
  5. Dietary Fiber (g)         10.2                 6.8
  6. Total Fat (g)                 20.4                13.6                        19%
  • Saturated Fat               9.8                  6.5                          33%
  • Trans Fat                      0.16                 0.10
  1. Sodium (mg)              1740                1161                       48%


Coming back to the review. Guys these noodles are spicy for me and i find that its taste is almost similar to the knorr chattpatta flavor. Furthermore, I believe that they have just added some chili flakes in the taste maker to make it spicy. These noodles taste good and spicy as well. I will recommend you to try this out at home and share your feedbacks here in the comment section.

Yes, Knorr is a Pakistani Brand.

Note: If you like too much spicy food or have a habit of eating Ramen or other extremely spicy noodles then I would not recommend you to try this out. Because, if I will compare the spice level of ramen with blazin noodles then they are not too spicy.

I hope you like my honest review. Do share your precious feedbacks.

Thank you!


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